About Liberia

The Land
Liberia EmbassyGeography
Area: 111,369 sq. km. (43,000 sq. mi.).
Cities: Capital--Monrovia (pop. 1,010,970). Principal towns--Ganta (pop. 41,000), Buchanan (pop. 34,000), Gbarnga (pop. 34,000), Kakata (pop. 33,000), Voinjama (pop. 26,000).
Terrain: Three areas--Mangrove swamps and beaches along the coast, wooded hills and semideciduous shrub lands along the immediate interior, and dense tropical forests and plateaus in the interior. Liberia has 40% of West Africa's rain forest.   

GDP (IMF 2007 est.): $473.9 million.
Real GDP growth rate (2008, projected): 9.6%.
Per capita GDP (2006): $185.50.
Average annual inflation (2008, projected): 9.0%.
Natural resources: Iron ore, rubber, timber, diamonds, gold, and tin. The Government of Liberia believes there may be sizable deposits of crude oil along its Atlantic Coast.
Agriculture: Products--coffee, cocoa, sugarcane, rice, cassava, palm oil, bananas, plantains, citrus, pineapple, sweet potatoes, corn, and vegetables.
Industry: Types--agriculture, iron ore, rubber, forestry, diamonds, gold, beverages, construction.
Trade (2007, provisional): Exports--$184.1 million (of which rubber $170.9 million). Major markets--Germany, Poland, U.S., Greece. Imports--$498.7 million (petroleum $125 million; rice $65.3 million).